Ascension Recruitment LTD are proud to announce that we are now recruiting for the Scaffolding Industry!

We provide a service of introducing Scaffolders of all Levels to Client’s for a very fair price of just a One-off Fee (Administration Fee).


The service we provide is pretty simple;

How it works for You (The Scaffolder/Labourer)

If you are a Scaffolder/Labourer looking for a new opportunity, we will find the best company to suit your wants and needs. Once contact has been made between us, we will ask you to provide some documents and information that we will need in order to provide our service. If we have received all the relevant information, we will start looking for the right company for you!

How is works for You (The Client)

If you are a Client and you are looking for new staff to join your company, we offer a service of providing highly-qualified Scaffolders and Labourers to match the wants of both Yourself and the Scaffolder/Labourer. We will ask you to provide some documents and find out what requirements you are looking for (Pay rate, any extra training) and all the important bits to keep it simple. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we will find the right Scaffolders/Labourers to suit your company. Please see our Terms of Business for a more in-depth explanation of how our service that we provide works and the conditions required.

Please Note
We ONLY provide an Introductory service, this being that we introduce Candidates to Clients rather than arranging shifts between the Scaffolder/Labourer and Client.  With ONLY a One-off fee (Administration Fee) for the entire service we provide. If you are a Scaffolder/Labourer looking for a new company to work within, we will assist this in providing our service to the best of our ability, please remember you will NOT be an employee under Ascension Recruitment LTD’s agency.



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Angela Davis has over 20 years experience working in Construction Recruitment. She specialises in white collar and commercial staff on a permanent basis. Friendly and approachable, Angela will deliver the highest quality of work for the best candidates.